A Mom Who Doesn’t Cook

Sep 26, 2019 | Doing Life

I wonder if anyone judges me for being mother of who doesn’t cook.


I think my mother-in-law would have been horrified if she knew this truth when she was alive.


I should clarify. I do provide food for my kids. They are all skinny though. Maybe my lack of cooking does affect them? Idk.


I throw things together sometimes. Spaghetti for example. Boil pasta. Heat frozen meatballs in microwave. Warm a jar of sauce on the stove. Viola! Spaghetti.


Sometimes I even throw some frozen Texas toast in the oven. That is when I feel fancy.


Mac & Cheese. Done.


PB & J. You got it.


Hot dogs. Coming right up.


Sandwiches. I do that too. I put plates and all the ingredients on the table. Then the kids make their own. I mean, that is really thoughtful of me to let them assemble on their own to ensure it is to their liking. Right?


Salad. Same as sandwiches.



How in the world is this blog adding value to your life?

Is it so you can feel better about yourself because you feed your kids better than I do?


Comparison is not where it’s at.



I could condemn myself for not making family meals.  I could make a long list of why this is a fail. But to what end?


To inspire me to suddenly love cooking for them?


To guilt me into gritting my teeth and doing it anyway because other moms do?


Great idea. Shame myself into acting like someone else. (There goes my sarcasm again.)


Listen… I’ve spent too many years living under pretense, trying to be the mom that our society believes I should be.


No more.


I shouldn’t cook for my kids. You know how I know that? Because that is what I do. Not cook.


Guess what. I am totally okay with that.


You know how I do show up as a mom?


I listen.


I love unconditionally.


I point them to Jesus.


I encourage them.


Hug them.


Teach them to respect others.


I don’t freak out when they confess a mistake. (Well, not anymore. I used to do this. Sorry kids.)


And I make sure there is food in the house for them to eat.


I am a good mom.


I guess I am raising kids that know how to feed themselves. Maybe their future spouses will thank me someday.

The point is, there is no right or wrong way to be you, or fulfill your role, outside the pillars of a healthy relationship. Those pillars are love, humility, respect, kindness, empathy.  Stuff like that. The rest is all up to interpretation.

So, go be you! And cook, or don’t cook. I don’t care. Maybe you shouldn’t either.


For more on being you, check out this post on using the word “Should.” 



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