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“Thoughts come fast but emotions come and hang out with us” – Diana Swillinger

I hid in the closet and wept…

I felt defeated, exhausted, and done. I wanted to give up.

All my life, I tried to do the right thing.

– Stay married and raise good kids
– Volunteer and go to church
– Say the right things and help others
– Look presentable and be a good person
– Recycle and smile at the people I see day

None of it made me happy. There I sat in the dark. I was in a strained marriage, dealing with anxiety and depression, and desperate to ease the pain. I wondered, “How the heck did this happen to a good Christian girl like me?”

In that moment, either I was going to resign to being miserable forever or I was going to have to snap out of it and do something different!

That’s when I dove in to a desperate search to find a solution to my misery! I read self-help books, went to Bible studies, took psychology classes, worked with mentors, coaches, therapists and more. Eventually I even got certified as a life coach! 

The Game-Changer

All of it helped, but the game-changer was when I learned practical tools to renew my mind! When started to pay attention to my thoughts, I discovered my mind was swirling with negative self-talk! I had been beating myself up for years, blaming others, and telling stressful, dramatic stories in my head and it was time to put a stop to it.

As I learned how to manage the thoughts in my brain, I quickly learned mind renewal was also the key to managing my emotions. I could choose negative thoughts and feel like crap, or I could choose positive, life-giving thoughts and create hope and happiness in my life.

I took all the best stuff of what I learned that actually WORKED and I discarded the rest. What I was left with was the practical tools to renew the mind that I had been missing all my life!!!  I put the tools to work on myself. 

The result? I transformed my life.  Now instead of feeling defeated, I feel capable and empowered. Now instead of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, I feel energized and capable. Now instead of wanting to give up, I love my life every day no matter what happens in the world around me.

The results are so good… I cannot keep it to myself!

I finished my degree with an emphasis in leadership development, got an advanced certification as a life coach, received master level coach training, and now I am on a mission to help other women just like you, who have tried to do all the right things but still feel unsatisfied and stuck—women who desperately need practical tools and a mind shift that will allow them to enjoy life once again. While I believe our ultimate hope comes from our faith, it is through being intentional, practical, and learning how to control our minds that we truly become free to be who God created us to be… which is pretty dang amazing if you ask me!

You don’t have to hate your life. You don’t have to let life happen to you. Don’t settle for being a victim of circumstance.  I believe that you deserve hope, healing, and happiness. I am ready to work with you and show you how to discover what is possible.

What are you waiting for?

Renew Your Mind Podcast

The Renew Your Mind Podcast, hosted by Diana Swillinger, shares how to examine your thoughts, understand how they influence your emotions, and start managing them to better your relationships, life, and faith. Transform your life by the renewing of your mind.
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