Bonus Episode – Getting Unstuck

Jul 1, 2023 | Podcast

I’m Diana Swillinger, and you’re listening to the Renew Your Mind podcast. Episode Getting Unstuck  

DIANA: Hey. Hey. Diana here. Everybody Welcome to the special bonus episode of the renew your mind podcast today I’m offering to you a recording of a webinar I did last summer about getting unstuck I decided to share this because one of my most popular podcast episodes was on feeling stuck so I know this is a topic that people are very interested in and when I do a webinar I also have Q&A at the end so you’re going to get that added bonus of hearing people ask their own questions about feeling stuck.


Use my marriage as an example when I felt stuck so I do talk about that a lot but you can apply the principles I teach in this webinar to any area of your life that you feel stuck it’s not just about marriage so think about a situation in your life that you feel stuck in right now and have it in mind as you listen and see how you can use these tools to help you get unstuck here we go enjoy 


I’m Diana Swillinger for those of you who have not worked with me yet or don’t know me, Maybe your friend invited you here give you the link who knows I am an advanced certified life coach I have been a life coach for a few years now and I absolutely love what I do what I the whole reason I became a life coaches because I’ve been a Christian all my life since I was four is when I made the actual decision to follow Christ and I’ve tried to do the right thing all my life be a good mom be a good wife be a good volunteer smile the clerk at the store pick up trash I see on the floor whatever and I just felt miserable still and like what gives?


where’s the joy where’s the hope where’s the love where’s the contentment all the stuff in the Bible that says you will have these things and God gives these abundantly and I’m like where is it and the reason I never felt it was because my brain was dwelling on the wrong things you don’t flip into four we’ve got what I call the right whatever is whatever is good whatever is Holy whatever is righteous whatever is lovely think on these things that wasn’t doing that I was focusing on all the wrong whatever’s messed up whatever causes me pain whatever I wish was different whatever I wish was different and I was miserable and so it’s my mission to bring practical tools to Christian women who’ve had that experience too like we know everything the Bible says we’re going to all the Bible studies are going to church reading their Bible with praying and we just aren’t feeling the joy The Hope and the peace that God promises and it’s because we’re not managing our brains that’s why I call my podcast the renew your mind podcast so that is why I do what I do and I’m so glad you’re here and I can help you with one of the most common things I hear when people come to me for the coaching calls free coaching calls they send if it’s a client I see them in person when I’m speaking they show up here at the webinars, one of the things I hear most often is it just feels stuck.

I just feel stuck but anything you feel stuck in go ahead and type it in the chat if you want or let me know if any of you sound familiar stuck in a bad marriage that was me stuck in a bad habit oh wait that’s me too oh my gosh okay these are all me didn’t notice that before when I wrote These stuck in fear stuck in depression stuck in the past stuck and feeling lost stuck and without hope stuck at home with the kids stuck in a job or a career stuck on a hamster wheel stop tired anxious stuck in an unsatisfied life like out that was me this is what my clients And then we just get sick of feeling stuck so this is what I think stuck kind of feels like we feel not free like we’re pinned down or in a box or behind bars we feel hopeless we feel discouraged or defeated and like we have no options and just like I said before and not feeling enough love or hope or peace like we believe we’re supposed to as a Christian we are promised freedom freedom in Christ and I’m like I don’t feel free I feel stuck.


I feel when we say it we say I feel stuck sometimes you say I am stuck but really we feel stuck but I believe that feeling stuck is kind of like an illusion it’s something we’re creating in our minds with our thoughts or by repeating stories or repeating limiting beliefs over and over for example in my marriage if you haven’t heard the story before I’ve been married this week’s our anniversary October 3rd 28 years


 but for most of the middle of the marriage I was miserable until about 5 years ago if I stayed in my marriage I was going to be miserable and the only other option I saw is that I could leave and that would be scary and unknown and hard all I saw was two options stay and be miserable leave and be miserable you can see why I felt stuck and that’s what we do so often it’s like there’s no good option I can think of two and I don’t like either one of them for me I didn’t want to stay and I didn’t want to go so I felt stuck but the truth is I only felt stuck because I kept myself limited to those two very specific options and I stayed so focused on those that I could not see anything else I couldn’t see any other way it was like do you want to stay in this torture machine 


I’m just stuck in a bad place I’m going to go to another and we get so wrapped up and focusing on what we think are just negative options it takes all our brain energy. one of my friends his name is Zach he said this the other day, I thought it was so funny he said have you ever had to turn down the radio in your car so you could see better I’m like oh yes me I do that all the time I live outside of Milwaukee so especially I noticed when I have to go into Milwaukee and the downtown streets where there’s like two sides and there’s three lanes on each side plus a parking Lane and there’s no parking and there’s one way and there’s cars coming in and out and stop lights and I I just don’t have enough capacity to have even just quiet classical music on and focus on what I’m trying to see and where I’m supposed to drive it takes brain energy and so in the same way when we are thinking of this sucks staying here sucks leaving sucks doing this option sucks doing that option sucks it all sucks and we just keep thinking about how this is bad I’m a victim of this I’m stuck over and over in it keeps looping or bouncing back and forth between a couple bad options. it takes so much brain energy we cannot think of anything else.


Even if somebody else offers us a different idea we’re like now that’ll never work never done that people come alongside you they’re like how about this how about this how about this for like no no I just want to stay with my two bad options and see how I’m a victim of those and how stuck I am it’s not because we actually want to stay a victim of those and keep feeling stuck it’s because our brain is just so used to focusing on this negative and the problems that we just can’t get off of it it’s too much brain energy we can’t be creative we can’t consider anything else we just are we’re stuck I’ve had so many coaching calls and this is not you know some of my clients are on this call so this is not derogatory towards any of you because I do it too but I’m coaching and they’re like wow and so either I stay with this or I do this and I’m like all right I can see that those are options what are some other options?


It’s like I can and but they’re just so focused on these two they’re like what do you mean I don’t see any other options I’m like okay how about this or in like 30 seconds I can give them 5 options, other than the two that gave me and they’re like I never thought of those before.


Not it to their fault at all it’s just what our brains do we get so focused on where we feel stuck it limits us from seeing anything else we have like a limited capacity For what’s possible and then we feel discouraged some of the things our brain thinks too when we you know we’re kind of stuck and stuck mode we’re like it’s not supposed to be this way I should already be here I should already have that promotion I should already be married already have a child I should already know how to figure this out I should have figured this out already I don’t have a choice I don’t have options there’s nothing I can do 


All of those thoughts, the more you entertain them the more you feel that you’re stuck and again our brains this is funny thing we create a thought or we have a thought like I’m stuck our brain is going to go to work and find evidence that it’s true you guys is the political season, so this can be something we all relate to right now. Right?  we have people on one’s political side thinking this people on One political side thinking this they all think the other side ideas are ridiculous and then they just go find evidence to support their own ideas. that’s what we want to do in our heads we want to like I have this idea of what I think is real, now what’s all the evidence that can support it so when we think we’re stuck our brain just goes to work looking for evidence to support that that’s true. but I believe the reality is we are not stuck we only feel stuck we’re always moving forward in time. we’re always moving forward and character development and spiritual growth even when we can’t feel it my husband and I were watching a show about Costa Rica last night and they stopped traffic so a sloth could cross the road the sloth was not stuck in the road. It took him like 15 minutes to cross. He was not  Moving sometimes our spiritual character development feels like a sloth crossing the road we’re not stuck there is motion we are moving forward the Earth is spinning just did the helping my daughter with her at home school she’s doing hybrid learning we just watched the Earth rotating around the Sun and the Earth is spinning okay we don’t feel ourselves rotating around the sun we are in motion we are not stuck.


We have different options that we have not thought of yet. there are different ways to think about it. There are different emotions to feel you just need help getting there we need to break out of where we’ve been so used to thinking and start thinking about something different and those kind of thoughts that we keep repeating by the way like it shouldn’t be this way I should already be there I don’t have a choice these are thoughts that I believe are lies and they leave us feeling like a victim of our circumstance like a victim of life like a victim of self-imposed limits the victim of our boss of time of our spouse, of anything outside of us and they leave us feeling helpless and hopeless and stuck.


Like my marriage I had two options stay and be miserable or leave and be miserable and I hate them first of all why do I have to hate those options could I just start be curious maybe these options don’t need to be hated? Is that possible? May these options Okay maybe they’re decent options who says I’m supposed to be happy I’m miserable in my marriage if I stay I’ll be miserable why is that a bad option just think about that I mean as Christians we know we’re supposed to suffer and have trials but then one comes and we’re like this is bad I shouldn’t be in the struggle I shouldn’t be suffering why maybe suffering is the best thing for you maybe that was the best option for me maybe that was an excellent option why I hate it if it’s the best thing for me I mean we’re just playing with how we’re thinking about these things right we get so used to thinking being in marriage where you’re miserable is bad. is it? maybe I was supposed to be in a miserable marriage.


Maybe I was supposed to be in a marriage where I felt miserable I know that that experience has helped me become an excellent coach maybe it was supposed to happen maybe it wasn’t excellent experience and excellent choice who says going into affordable housing and on government assistance is a bad choice maybe it would have been an incredible opportunity for me maybe staying and my kids seeing us miserable would have been exactly what they needed figuring out how to stay in a marriage when it’s not working maybe that was exactly what they needed maybe if I would have left and they saw me be a single mom stepping up and figuring it outstanding options but why not maybe I stay here and grow and see how God uses Me Maybe I do that and grow and see how God uses me so let’s just start by not hating the options by the way there weren’t just two options let’s just take a look at some others I just before we got on I’m like okay let me just run through whatever bunch of other options I could stay and take a break from the marriage and live in the same house and stay married and just live together I could move in with my parents I could see if there’s a women’s non-profit group that knows how to help people in a situation like me maybe they can help me figure it out I could see if anyone from church was willing to take in a mom and four kids who needed a place maybe they’re less I could go apply for 20 jobs that pay a lot more than what I’m earning right now maybe if I go apply for 20 jobs that make more one of them will offer me a job and suddenly I’ll have a whole bunch of money to take care of rent and food and everything else maybe I could stay in the marriage and work on learning how to not be miserable maybe my husband and I could try different marriage counselors or health and what we’ve tried before I mean that’s just seven just like that seven new options that I was incapable of thinking because I wouldn’t allow myself to break free from the thoughts that made me think I was stuck how could I have been stuck when I had at least to have had two options I just added seven more nine options that’s not stuck and choosing one of those that keeps my situation the same doesn’t mean I’m stuck either that means I get to choose I also I don’t have to decide I have nine options I don’t have to label any of them good or bad they’re just all possibilities now I don’t feel helpless I don’t feel hopeless I see several paths forward and I don’t feel stuck I was never stuck okay emotions that sabotage us from moving forward emotions fear cuz you were afraid of the unknown doubt???? when we feel stuck a lot of times we’re bouncing back and forth between two decisions it could look something like this I kind of think a pinball it could be more than two make the pinball machine maybe I could do option but wait I see some problems with option A we should definitely do option b I should do B wait hang on and if I do option b maybe it’s going to have a negative effect on that or that person so I guess a is probably the best decision well but maybe not cuz Hey that would require a lot of work so option b that is less work that feels better maybe I should do that we just keep bouncing back and forth and we stay in indecision and I think the The reason we do this is because we think there’s a right decision and I got to figure it out one of these is right however many are on the table if I don’t figure out the right decision I’m going to ruin everything I have to get this right and so we stay stuck. But listen, when I think back on my marriage, I could have stayed with my husband and stayed miserable that’s what I thought anyway I could have left and then just had a different experience with being miserable or I could stay and figure it out and learn how to have more peace and have more joy or I could leave and figure that out and learn how to have more peace and more joy I could do all of it any of it either option.


Who says there’s a right or wrong? The ultimate decision is not what creates your experience. in the beginning I mentioned focusing our thoughts right on the right whatever Philippians 4:8 whatever’s good whatever is Holy whatever is righteous whatever is lovely whatever is admirable think on these things why Paul then goes on to tell us he’s writing this in jail but he has learned to be content with much or little meaning he was probably content walking the countryside with Jesus as much as he was content in jail it’s not the decision or the the thing happening in our life that is creating how we experience life we put so much stake and I have to make the right decision if I’m going to be happy I have to make the right decision if I’m ever going to be content wrong content peace Joy love has nothing to do with the situations around you.


So if you can just take that piece out of your decision making your happiness does not depend on your decision your contentment is not depend on your decision your peace does not depend on your decision that’s all dependent on where you focus your thoughts and connecting with God and letting him provide that for you regardless of where you’re at in life take the pressure off God already knows the decision you’re going to make and I honestly think if you are trying to make a decision that honors God and is good for you and is good for the people in your life go with that maybe there is no right or wrong.


I don’t think it’s about that and God already knows what you’re going to choose I mean I’ve just decided to think what if there is no bad decision what if there’s just me doing the best I can and then I learn and grow through all of it and I grow closer to God through all of it. Every decision we make could be the exact right one that gives us character development spiritual growth and has this on the path that God is already prepared to lead us in. I’m 99% sure that if I didn’t make the variety of decisions that I had made through my life I would not be here today helping you with all of your stuckness. every decision I made has helped bring me here right now and all along the way I thought it was making a lot of bad decisions I thought some of them were good but I thought a lot of them are bad or wrong but were they? Because I’m here. Maybe all the decisions were exactly the right ones to get me here and be here right now with you I thought I made wrong decisions. I think I was wrong about that. So we talked about indecision kind of being an emotion feeling an emotion of indecision or confusion so then we have the emotion of fear, and doubt could kind of be folded in with this too, right because we are afraid we’re doubting ourselves or afraid about the future.


So I only think fear is a problem when it’s debilitates you. I know God says do not fear but he also says have courage and you don’t need courage unless you had fear first so God also knows fears part of The Human Experience. Courage is when we have fear and we go forward anyway. Fear is only a problem if you allow it to debilitate you. Just having it is not an issue if you do not let it dominate your decisions or hold you down fear might not be a problem it can be uncomfortable anyway we don’t have to run away from discomfort we can decide fear is not a problem. we can allow it to feel uncomfortable and we can go forward anyway. That’s one option with fear the other option is what if you don’t need to feel fear? Sometimes we feel fear and we’re just going to go do it anyway and other times maybe you don’t have to be afraid maybe you could be like what would it feel like if I tried to make this decision from a place of Love instead of from a place of fear? What about that whatever it is like with me with my marriage what feels most like love for my husband, for me for my kids and for God and I can make a decision that feels most loving for the Loving for the people involved instead of being afraid so stocks and illusion I stayed in my marriage the same marriage the same issues same husband and I stopped feeling stuck I was not stuck I acknowledged I had options I could leave apparently I had nine options at least we could probably all sit here and think of a whole bunch more I had lots of options and I chose to stay I was not stuck I was actively making a choice about how I was going to move forward with my life and I chose to stay and figure it out and learn how to not be miserable and by the way me staying and doing character development on myself and spiritual growth and examining on my thoughts and making thoughtful choices and moving more towards love instead of resentment all of that did affect my marriage but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today here it is take notes getting unstuck.


The first thing you need to do I think if you want to be practical there’s probably lots of ways to do this but this is what one way you can start. Get Awareness on your thoughts. In the world of counseling in the world of life coaching, in the world of self development and personal growth, awareness is always the biggest thing you can do discover what thoughts you’re having that are making you feel stuck. Just see them, notice them, notice the story you’re telling yourself because it’s the story and the beliefs and the thoughts in your brain that are allowing you to feel stalled or locked in or held back or hopeless or spinning your wheels.


Admit that you’re feeling of stuckness and hopelessness is related to the thoughts get yourself out of indecision. Like I said a lot of my clients they can only come up with two options when I was stuck in my marriage I only thought of two options there was so much more brainstorm a ton of options on your own if you want to and when you do that don’t decide whether any of them are good or bad or right or wrong maybe you’re not really the best person to judge that maybe God’s the only one who knows which decisions are right or wrong for you


 sometimes we go little blind at it and that’s okay maybe they aren’t good or bad maybe they just are options pretend there’s no such thing as good or bad when you’re just taking a look at a bunch of options if you’re stuck ask Friends for ideas ask your mentors for ideas ask me for ideas and when you get some ideas don’t shoot any of them down


 and start wiggling loose from the beliefs and the thoughts you’ve been holding on to for so long about what you think you should or should not do in life or what the right or wrong way to do things is sometimes we can hold very tight to what we think is right or wrong and it’s just because we believe that way all our lives or the Pastor said it or your parents said it or your neighbor said it or you just been thinking that way since you don’t know you have no idea where it came from but you’ve been believing that way all your life maybe you can question that a little bit and consider that other options might be just fine maybe they’re all fine


And maybe you just need to get to pick one pick one out of love don’t pick one out of fear pick one out of love don’t pick one out of anger and pick one out of trusting that God already knows what you’re going to pick and he already has a plan so whatever you end up picking was part of the plan anyway lastly own your decision even if it’s staying where you are like I did with my marriage I choose this staying where you are is not being stuck it’s a perfect opportunity for you to move forward and grow doing something different might be just what you need and it’s okay to choose something different. Admit that only God can judge the correctness of your decision if that’s even a thing we don’t know his plan. Sometimes he reveals things if he does go with it if he doesn’t just do your best I already said this one try making a decision from a place of love not a place of fear and if fear and doubt are hanging out with you that’s not a reason to not move forward I’ve gotten used to feeling doubt I doubt a lot of things that’s okay I mean what’s faith for? faith is for believing in what you cannot see. We have little doubt, and we decide to have faith. Fear Comes we have little fear we decide to Have Courage. 


Doing it with fear and lastly I would like to tell you I don’t think you need to change anything or anyone or any person to stop feeling stuck notice the stories that you’re telling yourself be curious about your thoughts and maybe consider telling yourself you’re not actually stuck maybe you’ve been confused about being stuck and you’re not try that too well you guys are typing the Q&A I just want to tell you because some people do come here to find out about coaching with me I want you all to know that I do coach people for free coaching call sign up for it get coached for free I will help you it’s a 45 minute coaching call on Zoom or on Zoom right now you already know how to do it congratulations with a coaching call does is it gives us time for me to help you solve a problem in your life I’m really good at noticing what’s going on in your brain and helping you get to the bottom of the matter this gets you some traction this gives you relief it gives you a piece of Hope and idea of a way you can move forward that means you will feel supported you will get encouragement from me you will get some insight that you haven’t had before so you know longer have to feel stuck.


I have something from my friend Diana drangler she is a coaching client of mine she did level one level two coaching last year with me and this is what she wrote about her experience with me I felt like I could stand in the center of my life and turn in a full circle looking at everything that needed to be acted upon and I felt too overwhelmed to know how to make choices and move forward on most things there were some things I didn’t know how to move forward on but myself talk about them was so negative that I didn’t do anything with those either Diana helped me see what was happening in my head. She helped me sort through the mess of thoughts and go from overwhelming indecision to move to confidence and Clarity in this was life-changing so that gives you an idea of what happens in coaching name happens to be Diana too that’s a good name imagine waking up each day and feeling hopeful and having peace imagine when you’re friends so happy I’m so glad to see you smiling this much again imagine getting to a place where you love your life everyday no matter what’s happening. This is what I love to help my clients get to in their life and I would love to be able to offer that to you too.


All right here we go Q&A : 


How do I know what God’s plan is?

Good question. We don’t know what God’s plan is. Not really. We all want to know the details of a God’s plan is for our life it’s not possible to know all the details of what God’s plan for life is and I don’t think we want to know all of it could be overwhelming if somebody would have told me when I was 25 and I’m like God what’s the plan for my life I want to know okay well you’re going to have two miscarriages and you’re going to have four kids and your sister is going to die with alcohol and you’re going to face foreclosure you going to see a divorce attorney I mean other things would have been in there too right he would have told me you’re going to have four beautiful babies and you’re going to get to vacation in Disney and and you know you’re going to love times at the beach and you’re going to have a great relationship with your mom and you’re going to reignite your best friends from high school relationship that would have all been in there too but I think I would have been pretty freaked out by some of the struggles I would have had to face in.

 God does not reveal our plan he gives us a little bits what he asks us to do is to have faith in him he asks us to turn to him asks us to grow closer to him to trust him and to let go of what we think our plan is and when we let go of what we think our plan is and we move into trusting him the plan God’s plan unfolds it’s literally how I’m a life coach today did not see it coming didn’t think this was a real job now I have a full roster of clients I love what I do never thought coming and if you would have told me that was a plan I don’t know what I would have done we don’t know I hope that helps but I could talk about that for a long time too okay


I like that you made the point that sometimes we have to own our decision and that means life is difficult.  For a while yeah it’s a hard choice to make but a good choice yeah change is inevitable.


I like the idea of expanding the thinking around our options it’s like spending judgment. Yes and judgment we could apply that to many areas for life I think 


How do you refrain from attaching moral judgment?


In a brainstorming session, could we at least refrain from moral judgment during that and maybe I wouldn’t call it moral judgment it could be moral consideration like I was talking about when we try to make decisions we don’t know what the right decision is I remember telling ladies and when I was in my life group and we’re like how do we know we’re making the right decision? I’m like it’s not like God’s going to see a decision oh wait tell me I don’t hear anything.


I don’t know I really want to honor you tell me what to do God I don’t hear anything oh wait tell me that I don’t hear anything deep breath God I want to honor you I think this is going to do that and then we make the decision and God goes wrong decision.


If you’re coming to the table with the idea that you want to honor God and consider the values that that morality of living your life for God brings the table that might help you eliminate some of your choices but if you’re left with three choices and none of them seem to conflict with with your moral compass, none of them seem to conflict with what your faith in God and the scripture reading and the teachings you do your best.


okay next question: I wonder about judgment as a lens around decisions or pleasing people I HAVE to make this decision because or what will people think of me?


Sometimes this saying I’m about to say, it can get misconstrued. But in a lot of ways “what people think of you is none of your business.” What business do you have getting in their head trying to manipulate what they might think about you? it’s not your business and while we can influence people’s thoughts we never really know what they’re thinking and we ultimately have no control over it.


And if their thoughts are their business their thoughts are their responsibility and that does let you off the hook a little bit about making decisions in order to create a certain experience for someone else that doesn’t mean we don’t consider what we think is in their best interests as a parent in a job when you’re volunteering when you’re leading the team when you’re on a girl’s weekend whatever it is when we have compassion and and we have some humility and we understand other people’s value and we we want everyone to have a good experience we can consider how what we think feel and do might affect that and then release that we actually have any control over what they do with how we Act for what we say.


So consider it the same way this one is kind of like caring about what other people think it could be kind of like caring about God’s morality and values and and what we believe is ethical as a Christian it’s kind of on the same vein we do our best and if you’re really trying to make a decision that considers other people and then there’s still peeved, that’s on them. And You don’t have to let it hold you back from making a decision that you think could be a good decision moving forward or the one you want to make That seems to go in the path that you think is best for you or the people involved you don’t have to let other people dictate that come on even me coming out in the world as a life coach and some of the things I say and offer I have a lot of people don’t like it we can never please people decide if they’re pleased by our decisions or not and that’s their business.


Next:  I feel stuck knowing what to cook for dinner. Thank you for bringing something that some people might think is Trivial it’s totally not what to cook for dinner can have you feeling overwhelmed and stuck okay I feel stuck knowing what to cook for dinner I try meal planning but the new week sneaks up before I know it it’s Monday and I don’t have a meal plan or I think my family won’t like what I make you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself that there is a right way to make food for your family I’ve always saying in the indecision indecision comes because we think there’s a right way even in something like food.There’s a right way you know you have to have a protein in a vegetable and some Dairy and make sure you have enough vitamins.

Can we get everything on the food pyramid I have growing children I don’t want anybody to say they don’t like something there’s a right way maybe there’s not a right way I decided the right way for me to make dinner is to make sure there’s food in the house that my kids can eat my kids don’t go hungry of course one of them are really skinny so maybe maybe it does affect it no my grandfather was super skinny so I think they get that from from him but the right way for me to offer food and dinner for my kids is to have food in the pantry in the fridge sometimes it’s macaroni and cheese with no fruit no vegetables nothing else is that the right or the wrong way who decides where do we get that idea from what you might have in this you have a lot of judgment for yourself about what the right way is to make dinner there’s a right way there’s a wrong way I can’t screw it up I need to have a full week meal plan what if my family doesn’t like it that would be the wrong way maybe there is no right or wrong way what if that’s possible you just need to start you really need to start by questioning if that is helping you at all does it serve you to think you have to have a meal plan for the week and that your family needs to like it or that you even know what to cook for dinner


Is that helping you? It seems like it’s leaving you spinning and feeling stuck and overwhelming in decision. Maybe you want to let go of thinking that. To start there admit that you think there’s a right and wrong way to approach dinner for your family and maybe maybe that’s not true if I feed my kids macaroni or have them feed themselves which way is Right which one’s wrong my kids are going to know exactly how to feed themselves when they move out they’ve been feeding themselves dinner for years maybe that’s the right way who knows okay thank you Diana for all the possibilities of getting in stock it’s so free you are welcome I would like to encourage those all this is fun I would like to encourage those who haven’t yet to call Diana and set up a coaching call I’m just starting my journey with her and she helped me have a breakthrough last night oh I didn’t even know that I see her name I know it’s Anonymous to you guys but I know exactly who this is that’s awesome thank you for telling me that that fuels me I love thinking thoughts that my clients are going to break through okay we hung up and I went on a walk and tears of relief from years of feeling not good enough flowed from me I feel so much lighter and less burden today thank you Diana for your guidance.


That’s why I do what I do and I’ll come back everyday even when I don’t feel like it even when I doubt myself even when I have fear the people are going to judge me going to keep showing up every day for you guys because of that so thank you.


That’s it from the questions I want to thank you so much for showing up here I believe it’s courageous for you to take time out of your day and be willing to take a look at what’s going on that has you where you’re at in your life today that you would like to work on and grow in and explore you are courageous and I applaud you for being here and I love connecting with you even though I didn’t get to see your faces I know many of you who are here and I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day you haven’t done the coaching call with me yet just do it it’s super fun or if you’re not in the renew your mind community on Facebook go join that I have a link in there where you can just if you don’t want to be a coaching call you just sign up and have 15 minutes get together with me on Zoom so I can meet you I consider you all my friends and I’m here for you you are amazing thank you so much for showing up keep investing in yourself I think you’re doing it exactly the way you should be doing it carry on and I will talk to you soon have an excellent day.

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