Don’t Quit Because of Self Doubt

May 22, 2020 | Mind Management, performance, Success

We think our self-doubt is valid.

Your brain can find tons of evidence to doubt yourself if you let it.

It makes sense you’d want to not try, back away, or quit once you compile all that evidence.

Here’s the secret: Self-doubt is just a thought!

That thought is optional. You don’t have to think it!

When you tell your brain it’s time to believe in you, and you stick to that thought, you will start seeing all the evidence of how you are capable, amazing, inspired, tough, and worthy.

Give your brain a better thought and start kicking some butt!!

Do I entertain self-doubt?

Sometimes I do!!!!! But I don’t commit to the thought creating it.

Self-doubt comes. That’s normal. So notice it. Feel it. Then decide what you actually WANT to believe. We will commit to what we believe. We pledge allegiance to our thoughts.

Think about it. Every heroine in the movies commits to self-belief before she saves the day.
We are never gonna get it done with self-doubt.

We need to commit to self-belief.

Who’s with me?

And tomorrow I am gonna do it again. And the next day too.

I got this!

You got this!

Self-belief. Let’s do this!

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