Podcast Episode 86 – Give Yourself Permission

Jul 3, 2023 | Podcast

I’m Diana Swillinger, and this is The Renew Your Mind podcast. Episode 86 Give Yourself Permission.  

DIANA: Hey. Hey, everybody. I usually ask what is happening? But I know what is happening. It’s the holiday season. It’s the holiday season. So hoopdy do and dickory dock and don’t forget to hang up your sock. It’s the holiday season, y’all. I don’t know. Do you love Christmas? I have loved Christmas since I was a little kid. And it’s the season of giving. So I decided all month long I’m going to focus on giving, but with a twist. I know you are already good at giving to all the other people, but what I want you to focus on, what I hope you will do, at least a little bit this holiday season and for the rest of your life, is to be good at giving to yourself. And what I’m going to suggest you give to yourself, is also free. I love free stuff. Don’t you love free stuff? Whenever I was a teenager, young kid, uh, young adult, and I could write in for something for free, you better believe I did. I love free stuff. All this stuff you’re going to give to yourself is free. So for December, my podcast, I’m going to have four different podcasts on the four things I hope you will give yourself. There’s a lot more that you can give yourself, and I’d recommend you do. But I’m going to just focus on these four first. And today we’re going to talk about give yourself permission. And then the next three are going to be give yourself space, give yourself appreciation, and give yourself grace. So let’s dive into the first thing on this episode. We’re going to talk about giving yourself permission. 


Permission is approval. Approval to do something. Permission is consent or authorization. And honestly, there are so many times in our lives we do not give ourselves permission. We tell ourselves things that are opposite of giving ourselves approval or consent to do something. We think in our head or say things like, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t be fully me, I’m too much. Oh, I can’t do that. I don’t have time to do that. I want to, but I have more important things to do. Well, that person will judge me if I do that. So I’m not going to do that. Or I’ll try that, but I might fail. And on and on and on we go. Putting the kibosh on our own, living on, um, enjoying life. We’re stopping ourselves from taking time to enjoy it. And be ourselves making excuses. Instead of giving yourself permission to go do that thing, I’m telling you today you get to give yourself permission. I just noticed I’m giving you permission to give yourself permission. It’s an amazing gift to give. And our brains like this, they do. We grow up on the idea of permission. As kids, we know we can either do something or not do something based on whether an adult gives us permission. So our brains Are used to this. It’s very powerful to give your brain permission and give yourself permission. 


So I don’t know what you have in your life that you need to give yourself permission to do, but I know there’s something or many things, and if you don’t know what it is, don’t worry. I’m going to spend the rest of this podcast giving you a nice long list of ideas on how you can give yourself permission. And don’t worry, you don’t need to do all of them. I would love if you could just find one. Pick one. Pick one thing you’re going to give yourself permission to do. That’s your free gift to you in this giving Season. All right, here we go. Here’s My List how you can give yourself permission. Give yourself permission to step away if you need to. Give yourself permission to jump in. Here’s my favorite already. I’m only the third one in, and it’s my favorite. Give yourself permission to get a massage. Give yourself permission to buy tickets to that live musical. Give yourself permission to leave the room when you’re being mistreated. Give yourself permission to sleep in or wear pajamas all day. Give yourself permission to take good care of you. Give yourself permission to laugh. Laugh loudly, snort. Make a weird face when you laugh. Give yourself permission to laugh. Give yourself permission to be goofy or weird. In my family, we all have just decided we’re all weird. We have fully given ourselves permission to be weird. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Give yourself permission to try again. Give yourself permission to decline the invitation. Give yourself permission to accept the invitation. Give yourself permission to say no to demands on your time and life that drain you. Give yourself permission to walk away from relationship with that toxic person. Give yourself permission to spend more time with that person that you’ve been thinking about. Give yourself permission to buy that thing you’ve been wanting. Okay? Within reason. 


I’m not giving you permission to go spend $100,000 on that thing. Well, maybe. Do you have that much money lying around ready to be spent? Then go ahead. You know what it is? All Right, where are we at? Give yourself permission to step out of your comfort zone. Give yourself permission to go for that goal. Give yourself permission to do something hard. Give m yourself permission to do the easier thing. Give yourself permission to say out loud what It is that you want in your life. Give yourself permission to be you. Imperfections and all like, I get to be me. Sometimes I interrupt. Sometimes I burn dinner. Sometimes I kill house plants. And sometimes I sing in the car. And I smile at strangers and all the other things that make me me. I get to be me. I give myself permission to be me. You get to give yourself permission to be you. All the perfect and the imperfect and everything in between. Give yourself permission to have fun. Give yourself permission to ignore the naysayers. Give yourself permission to listen to your gut when it’s telling you something is not right. Give yourself permission to spend time on what’s important to you. Give yourself permission to let go of the expectations of others. That’s a good one, right?


Their expectations are about them. Their expectations reveal personal work that they need to do in their life. Their expectations are theirs, not yours. Let it go. Give yourself permission to ask for help. Give yourself permission to stop caring what other people think. Give yourself permission to move on. Give yourself permission to stay. Give yourself permission to pivot or shift directions if you need to. Give yourself permission to be creative, do m art or music or writing or make something. Give yourself permission to validate yourself. Give yourself permission to stand for your values and what you believe in. Give yourself permission to try something new. Give yourself permission to decide you didn’t like that thing you tried. You don’t have to keep doing it if you don’t want to. Give yourself permission to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, in skills or talents. Give yourself permission to do something that makes you feel happy. Give yourself permission to cry. Give yourself permission to have your own opinion. Could be different from other people. Could be different from a lot of people in your life. That’s okay. Give yourself permission to let go of things from the past. Give yourself permission to let go of past hurts. Give yourself permission to keep that thing from the past if you really, really like it. I’m sentimental. I like to keep some things, but not too many, okay? Give yourself permission to be okay with where you are at right now. Give yourself permission to not be okay. Give yourself permission to celebrate a uh, win. Give yourself permission to grieve a loss m. Give yourself permission to love yourself. You get to love you, that’s okay. I give you permission to love yourself just as you are and see your value and worth. 


Listen, your brain wants approval. It wants consent. It wants to be validated. Your soul wants to be validated. And there is so much more to experience and learn. When we give ourselves permission, we open up so much opportunity. Okay, I’m going to sound cliche, I know it. Sorry. But the only one holding you back is you. The only one holding you back is you when you don’t permit yourself that thing that you need to do, that thing you want to do, that you wish you would do, that you would love to do, that you’ve dreamt of doing, that thing that would help you feel freer and more. You you get to do it. Give yourself permission. What a wonderful gift. Well, I was going to end it there, but, you know, let me just say I have something I’ll give to you. And maybe I’ll just mention this on every podcast for this month. I have a gift to you. 


You get to have a free coaching call with me. I know. I think people were waiting for just the right time or it seems a little scary to just get on a call and talk with me. I promise you, it’s not that scary. I mean, I know some people come a little nervous at first, but within five minutes, they’re just fine and we’re off and running. And I will help you. I’ll help you with whatever you’re spinning around in your head about and you can’t sort out. I’ll help you make that decision. I’ll help you get unstuck, help you feel better about that situation. I’ll help you get some more clarity. That’s what I’m here for. So if you are ready for that free coaching call, you get to go. Uh, just go over to rympodcast.com, and there is a link on there to schedule your free coaching call with me. I’d love to meet with you. I’d love to chat with you, and I would love to help you. My gift to you, no strings attached. Okay? So come and enjoy that. And I guess that’s it. That’s what I have for you for today. So I will catch you all next week. Until then, take care of you. 


As an advanced certified life coach, I help Christian women trying to live their best lives, but they still feel unsatisfied and stuck. Uh, I teach thought management skills that work so you can enjoy life again and step into who god has created you to be. Don’t forget to head on over to Rympodcast.com to get my free resources or a free coaching call.

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