This Life Coaching Thing is the Real Deal

Aug 7, 2019 | Emotional Health, Happiness, Life Coaching

Life coaches are all the rage. Seems like we all know someone who is becoming a life coach. But why?


I remember the first time someone I knew said they left a job to become a life coach. In my head I was like, “Say Wha’? That will never work. That isn’t a real job.”


Fast forward three years from that moment and I decided to become a life coach.


Again, “Say Wha’?”


I used to think life coaches were just motivational cheerleaders for losers (sorry) or high end executives who had money to burn.


I was so wrong.


Listen. I had been to professional counselors. Four different ones. I had Christian mentors. Five of them. I read countless self-help books and went to conferences, retreats, and seminars.


All of them added value. All of them helped me on my journey to a better life. All of them helped me deal with hard circumstances of life. I am grateful for ALL of them.


But you know how I finally catapulted myself into becoming more confident, humble, peaceful, happy, satisfied, and hopeful?  I got a life coach! Actually TWO coaches. One for my marriage and one for me.

My coaches never told me what to do.

What did they do?

Exactly what I do for my clients today.

They helped me fix my broken thinking.


I had ingrained beliefs and thoughts that I never challenged. I had just assumed they were true.


I thought I was stuck with the hand I was dealt in life. Forever doomed.


I scolded myself when I screwed up. It left me in a puddle of shame.


My coaches taught me to challenge my beliefs and stop beating myself up. It was like a magic door opened and light, hope, love, and possibility flooded in. Queue the singing angels… Ahhhhhh……..


Holy schnikes! This life coaching thing was the real deal!


I have had so much positive change in my life. And today, I LOVE my job as a life coach.


This positive change is real! Life coaching is the real deal.


Listen. Everyone else is teaching you what to do. You already know what to do. I teach you how to manage your thoughts so you can finally get unstuck and live the life you always hoped for.


Here’s what some clients have said recently.


“This is better than therapy.” – Jill, Richfield, WI


“You are a mind magician.” – Andrea, Salt Lake City, UT


“Thank you for each lesson we work through with life coaching. I am realizing the deeper issues of why I am struggling with fear and anxiety.” – MB, Saskatoon, Canada


“Diana ties everything together and helped me take control of my life again.” – Sheri, Germantown, WI


As a life coach, I help you uncover your self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts, get your mind right, and learn how to feel hope, happiness, and peace, no matter what life throws at you.


What if I told you that you could love the life that you already have?

What if I taught you how to be grateful no matter what the circumstance?

What if you learned to feel capable and confident every day?

What if you could love yourself, just as you are?

Life doesn’t need to be a constant struggle anymore. Life can be so much better, and it’s waiting for you to discover that right now.


If you have not signed up for a free session with me yet… What the heck???

Stop your excuses.

Not, “maybe later” or “I’m thinking about it.” That is just delaying feeling better. Hogwash!

I promise, you need this.

Bring your greatest worry, obstacle, stress point, or whatever to this free call and we’ll solve it. Boom. Sign up if you want to start feeling better now.

I am here for you.

See Available Times for a Free Session.


Not sure if you need a life coach? Check out this article on Who Needs a Life Coach.



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