When Life Feels Upside Down

Mar 31, 2020 | Doing Life, Mind Management

Life feels upside-down in many ways. 🙃

The kids are home. All. The. Time.

No one is coming over.

We aren’t going to church.

Groceries are being delivered.

I vacillate between thinking for sure my family will get sick to thinking the media is blowing this all out of proportion and everything in between.

I gave up cooking like four years ago, but I’ve made dinner four times just last week. 🥘🍜🍗 Definitely things are weird.

Sometimes I feel like drinking again. Something about this time makes me want to lean on old vices. But I’m not.

Friday night I hit a wall, I was exhausted. I think my brain hit overload. (I’m rested and better now.)

Not only has my coaching work kept me busy well over the standard 40, I am taking opportunity after opportunity to examine what is happening in my brain. 🧐

This is the perfect time to examine thoughts, stories, and questions that my brain offers me and question them all.

I coach my clients to ask these questions of any given thought:

1. Is it true? (Like, provable in a court of law kinda true.)
2. Is it serving me? (Does it make me feel better, process necessary emotions, make me a better person?)
3. Does it honor God?

If the answer to any of these is no, you might want to get a new thought.

It turns out upside-down is a perfect time to fix brain errors. I’m on it.

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