When You Feel Stuck

Oct 30, 2019 | Emotional Health

I hear it all the time.


I’m stuck.

Stuck in my marriage.

Stuck in anxiety.

Stuck in pain.

Stuck in my faith journey.

Stuck and discouraged.

Stuck in this town.

Stuck in first gear and can’t get anywhere.

Stuck and wondering if this is all there is.

Stuck, stuck, stuck.



Are you stuck?

What feels stuck in your life?

Do you like feeling stuck?

Do you want to get unstuck?

Do you want to unstuck your life?



What if I told you the answer to unstucking your life is to unstuck your brain?

How about this… what if you aren’t even really stuck?

What if being stuck is an illusion you create with your thoughts?

It is, you know.


Being stuck is a state of being that exists in our thoughts.

It’s not like we can stop time. We are always moving forward, into the future.

We aren’t really stuck.

We think we’re stuck because our thoughts are weaving a story that we choose to believe.


The story says things like,

“It’s not supposed to be this way.”

“I should already be ______ (fill in the blank with any hope you have) by now.”

“I should have this figured out already.”

“I don’t have a choice.”

“I have no options.”

“There is nothing I can do.”


When you think things like that, you feel stuck.


Here’s a secret. All of those things are lies. Lies that cause you to feel like a victim of circumstance, a victim of life, a victim of your self-imposed limits, a victim of your boss, time, your spouse, or anything outside of you. These thoughts leave you feeling helpless… hopeless… stuck.



Guess what?  Whatever is going on that’s got you thinking, “It isn’t supposed to be this way,” well, it is supposed to be this way.

You know how I know?

‘Cause it is!

You shouldn’t be anywhere other than where you are today.

Who has it all figured out anyway?  Anyone?  Nope.

But you know what the journey of life offers? Constant opportunities to figure things out, grow, and learn. Oooo… character development. Emotional maturing. Evolving. A journey of becoming better versions of ourselves through the fire—through challenges. Right?


Another thing… You always have a choice. Always.

You always have options. You might not like them. You might be afraid of them. You might have doubt. But options are there.

And there is always something you can do.

So how do you stop feeling stuck?


You know what I recommend doing first? Owning your thoughts that make you feel stuck.

Start noticing the story you are telling yourself that makes you feel stalled, locked-in, held back, hopeless, or stuck.

Awareness is huge. What are you telling yourself about your situation? Is it true?  Is it helping you?

If you think it’s all true, I promise you, it’s not.

Consider telling yourself a new story. A story that acknowledges that you feel stuck, but maybe, just maybe, you have options.

A story that reminds you that it’s possible that you could make a different choice.

A story that says maybe it’s okay that you don’t have it figured out yet, but you take a step forward anyway. Any step.


And if you are really truly ready to unstuck your life, sign up for a free call with me. I’ll help you unstuck it in one call.



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