Who Needs A Life Coach?

May 1, 2019 | Life Coaching

Who Needs a Life Coach?

If you ask me… everybody.

Just check out this list and you’ll see why I believe that.

You will benefit from a life coach if:

You are stuck. I have listed this first because this is the common thread between all of my coaching clients… ever. You know you should be moving forward with your personal development, career, faith, health, weight loss, relationships, anything, everything. You feel stuck and you aren’t making progress. A life coach can help you untangle the web of thoughts, feelings, and negativity that has you stopped in your tracks, help you find clarity and hope, and get you moving again. Sick of being stuck? Get a life coach.

You are not happy. When you examine your life, you are unsatisfied, confused, or embarrassed. Chances are you’ve been thinking things like: “How is this my life?” “Maybe I should have married someone else.” “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” A coach can help you identify all of your unmet expectations and create a plan with you to move past the ick into a place of healing and hope, where happiness seems possible again. You don’t need to stay unhappy! Find a coach.

You are happy! Well, my friend, this is the perfect time to have someone come alongside you and help ignite your biggest dreams and goals. You believe you are here on this earth for a purpose and you are ready to get cracking and live your best life possible. Get busy creating your future and making amazing things happen. Work with a coach.

You want someone in your corner. Life is challenging to navigate, and you could really use an ally to help you along the way. No one needs to go it alone.

You are struggling with a difficult relationship. Isn’t this an issue for everyone at some point in life? Navigating relational conflict can be extremely challenging and almost impossible when you go it alone. Every time I have successfully navigated a challenging relationship, I did it with help from a mentor or coach—someone outside of me and the strained relationship that could offer rational insight and guidance. Relationships are important! Handle the tough times from a healthy and thoughtful place. Collaborate with a coach.

You finished counseling and are ready for the next step. Counseling is such a wonderful tool for understanding and processing your past, your pain, and a myriad of emotions. And now, you are ready to start looking forward, creating goals, and shaping your future. Life coaches have a plethora of tools and skills to teach you how to develop a plan that will bring your future to life. This is a perfect time to get a coach.

You are running on auto-pilot. Life isn’t bad or good. It just is. Everything is fine, but nothing is terrible, or great. There must be more, right? There is! Your life isn’t supposed to be a predictable snooze. There is so much possibility that you can create for your life and you are ready to shake things up. (Oh my gosh, this sounds so fun!) Get that dang coach and spice things up!

You need to redefine your life. Your life has been turned upside-down and you need help finding clarity and creating plans as you embark on unchartered waters.

  • You want to lose weight.
  • You want to stop feeling angry.
  • You just can’t get your life together.
  • You want to develop courage.
  • You need clarity on what to do.
  • You want to be a better mom, wife, daughter, etc.
  • You are ready to create some positive change in your life. Who doesn’t want positive change? Get yourself a life coach!

I could go on and on. The fact is, everyone can benefit from a life coach. Every coach has a different personality and coaching style—find one that jives with who you are. Take advantage of free coaching calls to check a few out. Read their blogs and see if what they say resonates with you.

A great coach will guide you, teach you, and encourage you. Notice I say you, you, you? Coaching is about you, with you, for you. You have a lot to offer this world. You were created for a reason. The time is now! Get yourself a coach and discover what is possible for you. I guarantee it is more than you ever imagined.

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